Rehabilitation is the most important aspect of recovery from any form of addiction. Any addict can be detoxified or made to stop. But a rehabilitation program is necessary to ensure that an addict stays stopped and becomes productive.
Addiction is a chronic mental disease, that affects the brain and other organs of the body, needs to be treated, and can be cured through proper rehabilitation.
Childhood experiences relating to abuse, neglect and abandonment, as well as other mental trauma all contribute towards the addict’s need to insulate oneself from the horrors of daily life and seek refuge in some sort of addictive behaviour, drugs and alcohol.
Yes. Addiction leads to mental disorders and impaired functioning. Recovery from addiction leads to improved self-worth and mental health.
Some of the triggering factors that could lead to a relapse are: • reverting to old behavioural patterns • neglect of self care • exposing oneself unnecessarily to past places/acts of addiction • Overconfidence • trying to have relationships within the first year after rehab • experimenting with the one-trip-funda (conning oneself to believe that one use of a substance/behavioural pattern will not lead to relapse) • experimenting with alternate forms/substances of addiction • ignoring the rules to stay fit on the 4 planes • staying idle • avoiding the support structure
Yes, consumption of drugs prohibited under NDPS Act is a punishable offence.
NDPS Act has a provision of graded punishment. The punishment ranges from 6 months to 20 years in general conditions with fine depending upon the quantity of drugs one deals in.
Ignorance of law is no excuse. Any offence under NDPS Act is cognizable and one can still be prosecuted and punished even if he has no knowledge of NDPS Act but has committed an offence under the act.
The street level drug trafficking is generally dealt by local police as the Narcotics Control Bureau has more focus on seizing bigger quantities of drugs so as to reduce supply of drugs on the street level, bust drug trafficking networks, study new Modus Operandi, work with international counterparts etc. However we are open to taking information and take necessary action as deemed fit.
Yes. Any law abiding citizen can become our informer. NCB has a reward policy to reward the informer on a successful information leading to seizure as per government norms and policy of the department. NCB does not reveal the identity of its informer at any cost. Still the life risk can not be denied.
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